Clark Music
Clark Music Has Closed
Huge Piano Liquidation

New Yamaha Grands, Verticals, Professional Uprights,

Clavinova Digitals, Disklavier Wireless Player Pianos,

Silent Pianos, Avant Hybrid Pianos

After 156 Years
Clark Music Has Closed

If you have questions regarding the liquidation inventory
or have service or delivery inquiries,
Please send us an email

Or Call: Tony Falcetti at: 413.204.3696

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yamaha pianos

Acoustic Grands, Baby Grands,
Studios, Player & Vertical Pianos.

Clark pianos and organs

Hybrids, Digitals, Silent Pianos,
Clavinova Series and Disklaviers !

Clark Music Piano Sell Off

100's of new and used pianos.
Grands, Uprights and Digitals!

Click on any link below to read and hear more about these models!

Grand and Upright PianosDisklavier Player PianosSilent Grand & Upright Pianos
AvantGrand Hybrid Pianos
Clavinova Digital Pianos